Superiority Complex

February 27, 2011
By AshyBaby BRONZE, Some Where, Colorado
AshyBaby BRONZE, Some Where, Colorado
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People feel the need to feel special and unique. My question to you is this. Why do they need to do this in such a uniform and unoriginal way? People lift themselves up by putting other people down. They act like they’re perfect and play the part well, while making others feel like they are in hell. They hurt other people mentally, damage their senses of self and belonging, ruin their happiness just to better themselves in their own eyes. Why is this a growing epidemic? Why can people not find inner peace without an overgrown feeling off self-entitlement and righteousness?

Psychologically speaking, one of the reasons people may act like this is because off repressed aggression. When someone is agitated or aggravated by someone who they feel less powerful then, they in turn aggravate or agitate someone weaker than them. For example, if a high school football player were to be yelled at by his coach, he would be more likely to go home that day and yell at his little brother than yell back at his coach.

The problem lies where people do not find healthy ways to get rid of their aggression. Relaxing, exercising, laughing, and believe it or not crying are all good ways to relieve stress and aggression. If aggression is not let out healthily it will either turn inwardly, making you hyper critical of yourself and your faults, or it will turn outwardly onto others. Often a combination of both continues the vicious cycle. So in this case relieving stress is a simple and viable solution.

Other times, the opposite is true. You’ll come across someone who is never disagreed with and believes him or herself to be all knowing and superior. They don’t take it well when people challenge their skill and don’t take their word as law. They feel the need to tell everyone what their opinion is on everything and expect people to take it as fact. These people can be agitating and hurtful by negitating how other people think and feel.

In order to be able to deal with people like this there are several things you need to do. First, accept that a person has a superiority complex, no matter how minor it is. Secondly, you need to understand that this person wants you to see their side of every topic and that avoiding topic that will be damaging to yourself of the person may be a good idea. If you cannot avoid a topic stick to your opinion, be polite but firm in whatever you feel, see the other person’s side though and appreciate why they feel the way they do.

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