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Picking Favorites ?

February 23, 2011
By Supermeggalongname BRONZE, Gillsville, Georgia
Supermeggalongname BRONZE, Gillsville, Georgia
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Sooo, is my dad picking favorites or not ? i have one step brother named Clayton, & a half Brother Caleb. Caleb is the youngest & Clayton is the middle child. i'm the oldest. I've punched Clayton before many times, my dad didn't care. I've told caleb he has had a big head, Then i got in huge trouble and yelled at. Caleb is 9, Clayton is 11, & i'm 13. He always yells at us if we mess with Caleb, But if me and Clayton Fight he doesn't care. soo my question is why is he treating caleb like he is better than us ? we only see Caleb 4 times a month. & he kinda picks favorites. he pays more closely to Caleb than me & clayton.

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