January 17, 2011
By swimsim247 SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
swimsim247 SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Imagine, lying in bed, not being able to move anything but your head. Imagine, being the only person in the whole world not able to kill yourself even through you desperately wanted too.

As stated in the article, “euthanasia” better known as the mercy killing, has become a big debate all around the world. Euthanasia is taking the life of the hopeless, ill and injured individuals in order to end his/her suffering. Euthanasia has become a huge debate about whether it should be legalized or if it’s wrong. Some say euthanasia is like murder you are going against someone’s mercy and taking away their life while others say that euthanasia is taking away the pain and suffering.

Euthanasia should be a legalized drug. If someone is dying a painful death and suffering, it is harder for them and their families, but if someone dies peacefully, it is better for them as well as their family to know that their loved one is in peace. Although euthanasia goes against many religions, it is also said that one should be taken by god peacefully and at ease.

Euthanasia should become legalized not to the public but to the government and to certified doctors. A certified doctor should be able to give someone this injection to let them end their lives if and only if it is agreed with by both the family and patient. This drug should be legal if someone is suffering or if someone is paralyzed and has nowhere to go with their lives.

An example would be a young 23 year old man, who was a dedicated rugby player, with a bright future living his dream. When in a split second all of his dreams were cruelly taken away when he broke his neck in a brutal challenge tackle. This young man became so depressed and couldn’t face life anymore; he then decided to take his life with the blessing of his parents and doctors through euthanasia.

A 23 year old man, lies paralyzed in bed since he was 3 years old not being able to do anything. A man who desperately wants to die, but is the only man in the world that can’t kill himself. With the blessing of his parents and doctors and this drug this man’s wish could come true. Euthanasia is a very powerful drug, but every individual has the fundamental right to have control of their life.

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