January 26, 2011
By , Aurora, CO
Do you enjoy sending inappropriate pictures of yourself to other people? Is it fun to watch the picture spread around the school as people point and whisper about you? Personally that seems horrible to go through. From my point of view sexting seems immature and makes people think bad about you and your reputation goes down.

So what really is the point of sexting? One reason of sexting is to show off. Teens want to go higher in their social class, but sexting could just ruin that. Like what happened to a girl named Jessica Logan. Jessica killed herself after her boyfriend spread the pictures she sent him. Other teenager’s sext for fun or as a joke. 40% of teenage girls say they sent sexual images or messages as a joke. Some tens do it because of peer pressure. 51% of teen girls say pressure from a guy is why they did it. 18% of teen boys say pressure from a girl made them do it.

But no matter the reason you could get in serious trouble. You could get charged for child pornography and result in lifetime listings on states. You also have to register as a sex offender which can ruin your life. When you register as a sex offender your college opportunities go down the drain and it’s hard to get jobs. You can end up living a horrible life because of one sexual message.

Sexting may seem fun but it can get you into a lot of trouble. It’s a horrible thing. 36% of teen girls and 39% teen boys say its common for sexual text messages to get shared with other people then the intended recipient. So if some teens know there messages are going to be shared with others then why do it?! It frustrates my that people sext, who wants a semi-nude picture of themselves floating around in cyber space and more importantly saved into peoples phones. Especially when you get in trouble for it. So choose not sexting have a good life and a good future. Or send one sexual message and ruin your life.

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