January 25, 2011
Have you ever told a lie? Did that lie get you in trouble? Did you know that lying is bad? There is no need to lie. If you lie to a friend about having a pencil, that is not bad. However, if you lie to get out of trouble then you are in even deeper trouble. In end the end you always get caught.

Imagine a hole that keeps getting deeper and deeper it never ends. Where is it going to end up? You never know. It is the same thing with lying. The deeper the lie the more you have no idea where it will end up. It can lead you down a road that has never ending punishments. Besides was your reason for lying good or was there really no point. If you had to lie to get out of something bad you probably shouldn’t have done that bad thing in the first place. Also lying just to be funny can be just as bad. It might not get you in trouble but it could get the other person in trouble. How would that make you feel? So, don’t get lost on your way down the hole.

One Sunday afternoon you are in your car on the way to a football game. You are about to miss the start of the game so you start speeding, when all of the sudden a cop pulls you over. Now, you are sitting there thinking hurry up I am going to miss the game. The cop says “sir you were speeding I am going to have to give you a ticket.” You say “No I wasn’t.” That was a huge mistake, you now have a ticket and just lied to a police officer, when he knew you were lying, all because of a football game. You could have just said oh police officer I am so sorry, I was just trying to get to the game on time. This way you would not be in so much trouble.

Okay so maybe you haven’t lied, but do you know someone who has? Was it annoying? You just sit there watching them fall down that hole until they hit rock bottom and this huge explosion goes off. Next thing you know they got caught and are getting punished. The big question is would you rather fall down that deep dark hole or would you rather follow the rules.

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