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Learning the Downs and Ups

January 23, 2011
By Anonymous

Learning our down and ups in life is a major part in surviving in the world. We all have our down and ups just like how John M. Morris says Leads you into the deep water, The deep end. This shows that we all get lead to the deep water in our life were we tend to struggle and have issues. But if you work on it and remember everything is all right everyone can solve a problem such as being down. This is an idea of how we all have our problems and we can be put down so far it is tough to get up but in the long run if you can learn to solve the issues you can concur anything and never have had problems again.
The things we do in life matter to everyone around you and it matters to your future life. The things we do can make a difference because when we mess up something goes wrong with someone in your life or makes a situation worse. When you do things, one thing to do is think about the action or the situation and makes the most of it. Make the situation have a positive turnout instead of making someone mad or making something you’re doing go more wrong than it could have been. Always remember thinking about what you do is important and can change any situation you are in to a positive or negative situation if you want it to be.

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