Until Philosophers Rule as Kings

January 30, 2011
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Ignorance is like a disease, it leaks out of the mouths of humans not unlike the thick foam one gains from rabies. In this world every bigot and racist has some form of ignorance, their tales of hate spread like wildfire in a Californian forest. Ignorance, in of itself is not evil. Although there is no evil, only shades of grey, the pallet of colors you were taught as a child are no more relevant than learning different types of dirt and gravel. Evil is an abstract formality created to justify our deepest and darkest human urges. Urge to kill, to rape, to steal and everything in between. We are violent and we are hypocrites by nature.

When these “natures” grow out of hand, what do we do? We control them, keep them in line with an established social standard, we create lies. Lies so overblown and disturbing that they shake the social order at any question of their would-be messiahs or False gods. The ignorance is foaming up around our necks, the light is becoming ever harder to see, only those who can see beyond the foam, beyond the ignorance are those with special traits. These “traits” are that of open mindedness, they can become invaluable in a world riddled with lies and truths.

Is God real? Who knows, but a better question would be, “Who cares?.” Do you really want a god whom tells you to love your neighbor, but only if he establishes to YOUR standard? God himself tells us to worship him everyday, never to stray away or we will burn for it. Why must we worship him? Does God have some form of Egomania or Bipolar disorders? He forgives all, but will drown the entire Earth in massive flooding for some sodomy and disorder?

The debate could go on for hours, but that’s not what this is about. I am not an Atheist, I simply wish to encompass all sides in any given argument. I wish to see things from multiple perspectives. I worship no man, nor do I follow the social standard unless I so choose. I am not an intellectual, I am but one man who wishes to understand the things people do.

Ignorance is all around us, whether you wish to see it or not. You can go to work and live out your daily life as though is doesn’t exist, as though it’s not really happening.
But it is, Its is happening and we all have to deal with it. To refrain from sounding like an angst driven teenager, know this. We are a violent and dumb species. We are a species more like cattle and sheep than monkeys or apes. We are followers, very few are and, less actually can be leaders. But this must change for the good of our species, we must not assimilate to society’s standard for our good. I believe in humanity, I have seen good and I have seen bad. But the “good” can be more powerful than the “evil“.

Please Hear what I have to say, listening, although is up to you. This is one opinion amongst a sea of opinions. It is not fact nor correct in any way, as such it is not wrong either. It is one perspective among a billion others’. Remember this, “There are no facts or truths, only accepted answers.” We accept answers to help society understand a universal question or thought. We have math to help make business easier, we have science for much of the same reason we had myth and legend, years before. “Facts” and “truths” to help us understand everyday life and to create a rational world to live in. We are all right in our beliefs, even if it’s only to our self. But once we hold one Religion or Party or Race or Sex or IDEA above all others. We in turn create the only False in this world. Ignorance is slowly killing us, we must recover from this plague, or else the consequences could be fatal.

"We do not do this thing because we are permitted, we do it because we have to. We do it because we are compelled."-Rorschach A.K.A. Walter Kovacs

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