Religion in Government?

January 29, 2011
By KaraM BRONZE, Knoxville, Tennessee
KaraM BRONZE, Knoxville, Tennessee
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Religion is predominately found in our nation's government, or more specifically, religion stemming from Judaism. During the time of the United State's gaining of independence, our Founding Fathers held faith in the most common stem of Judaism, Christianity. Using the Ten Commandments as a moral base, these men contrived our constitution. Which was acceptable at the time as many people held the same faith.

However, America and people's mindsets in general have become more open and advanced in modern day. We are no longer reliant on an all powerful being to grant us good harvest and send us miracles. Technological advances have shown us when, where and why certain things do an do not happen. If you think about it, religion was really used to spread hope, boost moral, and explain the unexplained.

Whether you realize it or not, religion is everywhere. And marriage is one of the big ones that one doesn't really think of as a religious ceremony, but it is. Why do you think gays aren't allowed to be equal and get married? Because this 'God' figure says that it is a sin to commit homosexuality. Divorce used to be looked down upon because it is said by God that it is a sin. Same thing applies to interracial marriages.

I believe religious beliefs have no place in modern society. I believe that marriage should become obsolete or they should create some new kind of union where any two people who truly love each other can join their lives with the same benefits as a married couple. Why is it that even though people who are of no religion are allowed marriage and all of it's benefits but when a gay couple, maybe even of Christian religion, want to get marriage, they are denied it? Isn't not worshiping God also a sin? So then why are we supporting the people who aren't of God's religion to get married? Or even people who get divorced, isn't that a sin as well?

If we are to keep this Christian religion in our government, then we need to follow all of these guidelines the Bible has set, not just the ones that suit our particular fancy.

And really, many of the things described in the Bible are no longer in play and have become obsolete in the eye of the general public. We no longer own slaves, women are no longer confined to simply obeying a man's every whim, etc.

Whether you like it or not, religion is widely opinionated. So, ask yourself, can you base an entire country on an opinion?

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