To Have Kids, Or Not To Have Kids: That Is The Question (and I have the answer!)

January 22, 2011
Many people in this day and age decide not to have children because of "over-population", "more important things" and whatever other stupid reason they have to not have children. Personally, I think they are all being really selfish. First of all, "over-population" is a stupid made up reason to not or stop having children. God made all the spirits and the whole Earth, and I'm pretty sure there's enough room for all the spirits that still want to come down, but can't because people don't have children. If they think there isn't enough space, they need to come out to where I live. There is plenty of room, and if they need to stack the houses on top of each other, like apartments, there is even more room. Secondly, the "more important things" bit is REALLY selfish. I mean come on. If people are too worried about their image and their career to have children, they are being plenty selfish. Think about all the kids who want to get a chance to live in mortality, but don't get to because no one is having kids. Thirdly, big families are the funnest families. I have 9 siblings and a sister-in-law and my cousins have 11 kids. We have SO much fun together. If our parents had decided to not have a big family, we would be waiting to come to a good family. You are supposed to have kids, lots and lots of them. If you can only have a few, that's okay, but Adam and Eve had lots of kids, and we need to follow their example. People need to really step it up, because there are lots of kids waiting to come to Earth.

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booknerd said...
Jan. 31, 2011 at 10:11 am
Well, I mean today is a very different day and age and many people can't support children, chilldren could interfere with their goals at the moment, and truthfully, some people just weren't meant to be parents and wouldn't like to be parents. You shouldn't say that we should have kids, kids, and more kids becuase that's just what we're supposed to do. In fact, the world population is exploding and earth's carrying capacity is close to being full. You have keep in mind the resources it takes to h... (more »)
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