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January 21, 2011
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90% of criminals in jail that have resulted in violence have had violence towards themselves from their own conflicts. Violence can affect anyone in mental harm or physical self or family harm. Your family could be there one minute and gone the next caused by someone else's distress inside their head. The harsh results of violence are not having a complete family, becoming depressed, or destroying the lives of many.

One of the affects of violence is someone’s death. Gang violence is happening all around the world which can cause an innocent person to die out of one’s hatred. Domestic violence kills children, spouses, or pets. People treat another with a lesser in value approach to them. International violence such as wars affects everyone because the money going towards war funds for nuclear bombs is taken away from everyday people. The money we spend could be used to fund for schools and books for children without the money. In Uganda, our sister schools, they hardly have enough money to get by because the funds in Uganda are going to the war.

School violence also has emotional effects. Schools in our country hold teenagers who harass daily. This causes teenagers to feel an emotional imbalance in there well being. Bullying is caused from a person who feels they can’t rely on anything except their power over the ones who don’t fight back. Cyber bullying on community sites is just as bad as physical bullying because it can torment the brain to new extents. Name-calling is a small form of emotional destruction but can stick with a person throughout their entire life.

A third effect of violence is that it has the effect of destroying families and survivors. The parents killed in 9-11 had children. The children will never have a complete family ever again all because there was violence in the mind of the pilots of the plane. If a child grows up knowing someone they know has been hurt or killed by violence there is a chance they will have an ending result in violence as well, taking out their anger.

No one is safe from violence. Families are weakened, and hearts are crushed in a blink of an eye. Even if someone you know was affected with violence, that affects one’s relationship with that person even though she was not involved. A small verbal abuse over time will lead to harsh violence. No one wants to be the catalyst to a crime.

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