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January 14, 2011
By flatstuff SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
flatstuff SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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What is more appealing than a pair of decaying rotting lungs? Smoking is one of the most expensive, addicting, and destructive habits that anyone can have. Many people do it to impress people, to show their peers that they are in the “in” crowd. Other times people smoke because they were brought in a lifestyle where maybe the parents are sibling smoked around them. Smoking altogether should be one of the top topics on the list to expunge.
People who smoke most of the time don’t care that they are destroying themselves. But if they realized that smoking not only kills you it also kills you financially. Many Americans go to great lengths to get their little white treasures. It is estimates that people will spend tens of thousands of dollars a year to acquire cigarettes.
Not only does cigarettes kill by the dollars it also kills you literally. When a human in hales the smoke from the cigarette they are also taking in the nicotine that the cig has in it. When the nicotine is in your blood stream you become addicted. People don’t know how to truncate after they are hooked. That is when they can’t stop and problems start to happen.
Smoking in this country needs to stop. People need to take responsibility with their actions and see that they are killing themselves.

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