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January 17, 2011
By erinnmae19 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
erinnmae19 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The number of murders seen on TV by the time an average child finishes elementary is 8,000. The number of violent acts seen by the age of 18 on TV is 200,000. SVU being a corroborate contributor. Law and Order SVU, my favorite television show. The show is based off of sexual assault, murders and the investigators’ poignant investigation to close a case. There are ups and downs in the plot, almost got the criminal, lost him. Its intense plots keep the viewers coming back for more. But how much can one take before they also crack?
Another murder of a young girl, raped before she was brutally coerced until dying of hunger. A boy viciously killed by a petafile. Somehow I fear that people use the televisions murder shows as an advantage. How do we know that they don’t use the ideas and plots of the show to be zealous in their own crimes? This thought is extremely hard to comprehend. The ideas of the other criminals are laid out on the table for any violent or angered person out there. They are there to his disposal. Scarily the whole plan of the TV criminal is explained in detail.
The murders on the news are phlegmatic to the ones shown on TV. But it is only fruitless to shut the shows down. They are adored by an inundate amount of viewers. They make the economy grow due to cash flow. The TV producers remain sanguine to what effect their shows have on the criminals. And yet every time a curious crime is committed the police seem to be garbled as to how the convict came up with the ingenious idea. Easy, TV. Marathons run murder after murder building easy access as to how not to get caught when they try it out.
These shows should be monitored as to who these shows can be viewed by. The respectable, sane and responsible viewers should only be able to view the crime based shows. If the TV producers can monitor who is allowed to watch their shows then maybe less brutal murders and crimes will be committed. Or only one hopes.

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