January 14, 2011
By Zachary Nold SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Zachary Nold SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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This was an ad ran by JVC in 2007 to promote a GPS and Mp3 player, for your car. The ad depicts a good looking model putting gas into a sports car; above her it reads “Ask her for directions anyway”. At the bottom of the page JVC lists off three features and functions of the device. Heterosexual men ages 20-35 are drawn to this ad. The ad uses sex symbols like the model and the Flashy car get the attention of young men. The target ethnicity is white because of in their ad campaign only white models are used. The ad has hidden messages and symbols that must be broken apart and looked at individually to understand this ad.
JVC uses a model in spandex short shorts with excessive cleavage, to attract the reader to the ad. The model is in suggestive position, with a grip on a phallic gas hose. Her presence in the ad suggests even though you have a GPS, you should still ask for directions. The use of the model is bad because models don’t pour gas, people pour their own gas. The ad suggests if you have their GPS, hot women will be attracted to you. The ad uses the technique “beautiful people” that suggests if you use their GPS beautiful women will be attracted to you.
Behind the car on the gas pumps there is an ad that reads ”Poliir CD in stores May 22, ‘07”. They have an ad inside an ad that you can only notice at close inspection. JVC uses subliminal messages in the background of the ad to try and get you to buy a CD. Subliminal messaging is put into the background of ads to get you to buy their product without noticing the advertisement. The use of subliminal messaging can be effective for company’s and has been outlawed on television commercials. The use of subliminal messaging shows JVC has low ethics and doesn’t care for their customer.
Above the model reads “Ask her for directions anyway.” They mean by this that even though you have a GPS that tells you where to go, you should still ask good looking women for directions. They make sure in order to target men they only use young female models, men aren’t attracted to men filling their gas tanks
. The slogan is bad because if you buy their GPS you shouldn’t need to ask for directions. It implies that you should lie just to meet a woman.

JVC uses the entire page sending messages of sex and hot cars that it forgot to tell the reader the cost and where it’s sold. JVC should have showed a picture of the GPS in a car with a list of features beside it. This would have showed the reader what they need to know about the product and nothing more. It would be helpful if they compared it to another rival GPS to show how theirs is better. JVC does a poor job of using ethics and informing the reader about the product. Due to JVCs poor ethics and lack of information in the ad, I would not recommend this GPS.

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