When Times are Tough, Don't Give up!

January 13, 2011
By Anonymous

There is something seriously wrong with teenage depression and suicide. It is expected for teens to kill themselves when depressed, right? Wrong.

Teens have so much to go for them. They have high school and college. They have careers, degrees, raising a family, and so much more.

If you are struggling with depression and want to commit suicide, think about the people that you will hurt. Think about the huge future you could have.

There is no reason to hide from your emotions and no reason to kill yourself when depression can be helped by antidepressants, doctors, therapists, psychologists, family, hospitals, therapy sessions, and so much more.

A lot of people think, “Peoples’ lives are short anyways, so what’s the point when you’re depressed?” Wrong again.

Depression is the same as an illness, like diabetes or heart diseases. It can be helped and can be treated. But if it isn’t treated, it is the biggest cause of suicide.

Depression is the leading cause to alcoholism, drugs, and other addictions.

Depression is the second most common cause to loss of work or school days, next to a heart disease.

Depression is an illness than one in five people will suffer from during their lifetime. At least half of the people suffering from depression don’t get the proper treatment they need. Which is why we need to start to fix that. If you are depressed or think you’re depressed, you need to try and talk to someone about it, no matter what happens and no matter who you tell.

Unlike how sadness just affects the mind, depression affects the entire body.

If you are suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts, stop and think to your self, “What should I do? Should I tell someone? Should I get help? Or should I just suffer? What is the best for me? What is the best for my future?”. Just think about it. Just think. You have a future, you have a life you can change, you have a family, you have friendships and relationships that will grow after your illness is treated, you have the school years to continue on into, you have jobs to get started and experience, and so much more.

Why would you kill yourself? You are risking lives to people close to you, you are risking much pain of people that do love you. You’re breaking everything you could have and all the chances you’d get to do, like explore and travel the world, experience the things close, far, and beyond to you.

Suicide is the murder from your shadow. It’s your untreated illness of depression and self consciousness getting stronger and stronger taking over you. Like a ghost whispering to you over and over again to kill yourself. You need to treat your illness. You are stronger than your illness. You are stronger than your self conscious. You can destroy it and thrash it. Tear it apart and throw it away.

You. Are. Strong.

When times are tough, you cannot give up. Please. If you have been suffering from depression, constant sadness, or suicidal thoughts, tell someone you trust about it. Ask them to take you to a doctor to help get you started on treating and fighting your illness. Never feel shy or scared about your depression. Never hide from your emotions.

We need to help fix this.

This needs to stop and be treated.

Think about it, if a person has diabetes or a heart disease and doesn’t get treated, they die, right? Depression is like the same type of idea. If a person is diagnosed with depression and doesn’t ever get help or get it treated, they die, but from their self consciousness getting stronger telling them to kill themselves, which is known as suicide.

Help suicide.

Help depression.

Help get it treated.


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