How Could You Change the World?

January 12, 2011
By Rachel Frain SILVER, Park City, Utah
Rachel Frain SILVER, Park City, Utah
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How Could You Change the World?

“The only thing that's been a worse flop than the organization of non-violence has been the organization of violence.”
Joan Beaz
Violence is everywhere. In your homes, in your neighborhood, and in your heart. Violence comes in many shapes and sizes, but to some people is not recognizable. Some people can be blind to violence, take it from someone who once was. One of the most common forms of violence is the kind that happens on the streets.

There are many different types of gangs around the world. But, not all gangs are on the streets. There are gangs in schools, for example, the “popular girls” or the “jocks”. When you hear the word “gang” you most likely think of street gangs. Street gangs probably cause the most violence of all. 960,000 people are killed yearly around the world by gang violence.

When all else fails people tend to turn to drugs and alcohol. It’s so easy to abuse drugs. There are so many different kinds of drugs too. So obviously they aren’t hard to find. Drug abuse does lead to violence, they really do make you crazy. 900,000 people die from drug abuse in America in one year. Heroin abuse alone kills 2,000 people in America yearly!

Street violence doesn’t just affect adults and teens, but children too. An estimated 669,644 children are abducted a year. Child abduction is one of my, and many people’s greatest fears. The idea of a stranger taking you away to never see your family and friends again, the idea of living somewhere other than with the people you love is absolutely terrifying. No child should have to go through that. Especially the ones that are alone.

Street violence is something that should be lost in time, banished from the world. I agree completely with Beaz, all we have done is organize violence, not tried to stop it. If everyone would hand over their weapons and mean spirits, the world could be at peace again. So please, leave the violence behind you and try to change.

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