Insecurity, Enemy of the Weak, Ruin of the Teenager

January 11, 2011
By END1492 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
END1492 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Insecurity: the lack of self confidence or assurance. In simpler terms, fearful or afraid of what could be, or what will be in one’s life or one’s self. This is the thing that stalks the halls of every high school, that which dwells within every acne covered, backpack toting teenager, and lashes out at every unsuspecting adolescent that dares let it enter their company. An epidemic, it has spread through the minds of youth, made us wait in hesitation, and has divided what could be from what is.

When a child becomes a teenager it is the turning point in his or her life. This is the vital time in their lives in which they will decide their path into adulthood. It is the first time in which this child has experienced such power of decisions, and it is the beginning of how a child will learn to express themselves, away from the views of their parents. So why then does this power turn into insecurity? Well, quite simply it is because these children are no longer under the views of their parents, but their peers. Teenager’s peers are their greatest ally, and their greatest enemy.

The single biggest killer within teens today is a silent killer. It is not drugs, alcohol, car accidents, or suicide. The leading killer is the insecurity that drives teens to these things in order to fit in, and to remain a part of the “crowd,” away from the outcasts. Teens among their peers are pressured to do what everyone else is doing, in order to fit in. This causes insecurity within a teen, a lack of self confidence. ‘Do I take the drug, or should I say no?’ ‘I know I should say no, but everyone is telling me to do it, so why not?’ Insecurity, has taken another.
One of the biggest groups that are affected by insecurity is not a race; it isn’t a religion, but a gender. Females are affected by insecurity on a daily basis. This is one of the leading causes in teen pregnancies. Female teens ask themselves, “If I don’t have sex with him, will he break up with me? But he said he loved me, that has to count for something right?” Their lack of assurance leads them to make the wrong decision in having sex with the wrong person, and before they know it that insecurity may leave them with a baby and no father.
Another issue that is affected by insecurity in both genders is sexual harassment. Today, teens see sexual harassment as rape, or a more serious offense, whereas sexual harassment can be anything that makes the individual uncomfortable. Most teens have experienced sexual harassment in one way or another, severe or not, but most teens don’t know what to do in the event of sexual harassment. In fact, most choose to do nothing at all, and just live with it as a secret. Males especially are statistically proven more likely not to say anything in the event of sexual harassment. It is insecurity that affects their decisions. They have suffered from a severe deterioration of their self confidence, so that now they cannot use it to defend themselves.
There is no cure for insecurity; it is highly contagious, and even harder to kill. As soon as it affects a teen it will continue to work away at their confidence until it controls their every action. The only hope for an individual to rid themselves of insecurity is their peers. Their peers will either support them or destroy them. If a teen has peers that have insecurity, that insecurity will spread into them.
What then can be done? Challenge each other. As soon as there is confidence among the insecure, that is where leadership is found. If that leader should challenge his peers to make their own decisions instead of having them made for them, we will find more individualism within teens. Insecurity will always be within teens, but with strong peers it will be cast out and replaced with assurance.
An increase of confidence within teens will not only help to reduce drugs, alcohol, and teen pregnancies within adolescents, but it will also improve things. Grades and test scores will skyrocket with improved confidence, more opportunities will appear and brighter future will be available to teens. What must happen now is challenge. Challenge one another to be confident and rid each other of insecurity. Support each other in your efforts, and instill leadership. Most importantly do this not only for yourselves, but also for your enemies, your allies, your peers.

The author's comments:
I believe that the biggest disease in the halls of high schools is the insecurity that many of us need to be aware of.

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