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December 4, 2010
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Define together. I bet you know correctly how to use this word in a sentence, but do you truly know what it means. I’m having trouble defining a word I think is simple to understand. Yet, I cannot comprehend the meaning.
Webster defines together, in the form of an adverb, in a body as a group. There are multiple definitions of this one word. It is even an adjective to describe being prepared or organized. The one definition I think best suits for the word was the last definition on the page. It read considered as a whole.
When everybody is in a group they are together. What if that group was planning something great for the world? For example, a recycling program at their school. A larger group caring about mother earth is a fabulous thing for the environment and for the school. What if the group is planning on stealing a Wii game from their gaming store? That is not using the power of people for a good advantage, now is it? So, are you going to use the power of groups’ for good or for bad?
I know that I, as in only one person, can make a change. Yet, what if in a group we were shooting for the same star? I think we could make it for sure. So, if you are working in a group and you want to give up. Wait for me and for your group. You can make a lot of progress by yourself, but you need support and other ideas too. So, wait just whisper to yourself the magic 3 words for groups. TOGETHER WE CAN!

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