American Obesity

December 3, 2010
You walk into a store and pick up your size pants. You try them on and hey, little tight. So you grab a size larger, and another size larger. Suddenly you noticed that you grabbed size 32 to begin with, but now your at size 38. this is happening more and more. America is getting obese. The question is, can we stop it?

This epidemic is getting bad. Heart problems are through the roof, childhood obesity is at an all time high, and the youth are going down in flames. Heart disease is the No. 2 killer in the U.S. Strokers are right behind them. 15% of stroke victims die shortly after according to Not good.

Oh I know what your thinking by now. “ Hey Hayden, its not our fault, its all the fast food and junk food out there.” well heres the news, I eat fast food and I don’t get heavy. And no I don’t have a speedy metabolism. I have a good life style. Thats the one part that people don’t want to do. Ya, eat healthy, it's great for you, but if you eat 3 times your weight in bananas and granola bars that say healthy, but really have sugar out the wazoo, you wont get healthy. You NEED to exercise, work out, be active. Wether its walking or playing golf, you need to do something. Walk the dog, play catch, ride a bike, skateboard, play basketball. They all work, just don't do it for 10 minutes. One hour at least.

According to CNN only one state is under a 19% obesity rate. That state is Wyoming. But one state out of 50. Is that very good? If you think that it is, you might be one of the19%.

Hey I am not trying to be mean here, I am just saying what I think needs to be said. And this isn’t something I pulled from the wind and tried to pass as fact. I know this from personal experience. When I was ten years old I weighed in at 110 pounds. I am not afraid to say I was a little chunk. I was on my way for heart problems and a horrible life. I was like a lot of others, its genetic. I have a gene that makes me big. But with a healthy diet, a little family encouragement, and exercise, I saved myself. Right now I weigh in at 150 pounds, but I weight lift with my brother, and run every day when it isn't to cold. And I get the fact that some cant help it, some people have a glandular issue, that makes them big. But you could at least change your diet and work harder.

Its really easy. Just get onto Weight Watchers. Thats what I did. If not, look at it like this, 60 calories equals one point. Have 30 points per day, then slowly drop to twenty, then let it go, but still check calories and the fat and all the sugar. And be self conscious about what you eat. If you knew what was going into you, you would probably be sick.

So PLEASE. Drop the Twinkies and pick up an apple. Get off the coach and hop on the bike.

Parents, teach your kids good eating habits, and pick them up yourself. Kids, check the back of the package before you eat. If it Tastes good doesn’t always mean its good for you. Remember if I can do it, so can you. Its not hard. All you need is a little encouragement. Think of this, have you ever seen the worlds fattest man in the Guinness book of world records. I use to think that would be me. But hey, im not saying that could be you, im saying its your life.

Come on people, we've all seen it, some have lived. Its not pretty, and its not fun. It hurts, and there is always that little kid who is over weight, and is picked on the most. If we don't stop it who will? Lets band together to end obesity.

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