Life Sentence

December 3, 2010
By tinytim14 BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
tinytim14 BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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You shoot someone, you go to prison, you get released, every thing is better but no it don’t work out that way. It just so happens that when you go to prison you are with other deadly criminals that compare themselves to you. That is where it all starts. You want to be over the top- The Bad Boy -you want to do something worse. You will end right back in prison with a longer sentence depending on the crime it can be a life sentence. The 2009 Florida recidivism study group found that 51.8% of inmates return to jail. That is over half. Prison makes criminals worse than they started out!

Criminals criticize you and make you feel like you need to make things worse by violating more laws. For example, you steal a car, you go to prison , another criminal says to you that you shouldn't be here you committed a sissy crime. You feel week so you kill some one. Then you realize that you just got back from prison and you can't stop committing crimes. You are addicted to crimes. It is like nicotine to a smoker you cant stop. You end up coming back two more times . Eventually You cant come home any more you have a life sentence to prison.

When you are in prison you are with and are talking to other criminals that have ideas that can lead you in the wrong directions leading back to prison. This is one I can connect on because my uncle has gone to jail for reasons I can not tell to open ears. He ended up talking to a group of drug dealers that told him about how to get some drugs. When he got out of prison he went to this location that the dealers told him to go to and he got caught with the drugs in his hand. He ended right back in jail for a longer amount of time. This happens to many other prisoners. They all end up back in the same place, JAIL or PRISON. It is a sad sight watching people return to jail or prison multiple times. This can all be avoided if they stopped and thought about what they were doing for a short time.

Although these happen to most people there is that 48.2% of people that will learn from their mistake and will not return back to prison. These are the people that either got drunk or were picked on to the point they made a mistake that puts them in jail or prison. These are the people that think of what they did wrong and they fix there mishap and stay away from the thing that put them in the cage. For example one of my adult friends got drunk and ran someone over. He got put in jail. The fact that he ran over some one tore him apart he felt so guilty for it. He thought of what cause this problem, the alcohol. When he returned he apologized to the person. And stayed away from the alcohol. He carried that out and hasn’t returned to jail since. He fixed himself like the 48.2% of inmates that are in either jail or prison.

I don't think there are plain out bad people, I just think there are people that need to think before they act. This could help people stay out of a criminal life, but overall prison just make inmates worse. That is what can happen to inmates and this is me asking you to please think about your to think about your lives before you throw them away with little mistakes. It makes the world a better place.

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