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December 3, 2010
By monyhoney BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
monyhoney BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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Is it the fact that horses being made into dog food people think it's animal cruelty? Is saving the United States money cruel? Should we stop all animal slaughter for good. I don’t think that making dog food out of horses is cruel.

I wonder if people think that horse slaughter is animal cruelty because of the way the horses look when they are being cut up? They are dead the can not feel it they are on there way to heaven. And some of the articles in the western horse man say horses are being injected instead of shot. They have at least made it less gory so people don’t freak out and go those poor animals they are suffering. A gun shot is fast and easy and they don’t suffer.

I wonder if people think that it is so cruel is because of all the blood so what, should we do send them through a tube so you cant see all of the blood. It is a big animal; of corse its going to bleed a lot. If you don’t bleed something out right away then it makes the meat go bad. Me and my dad were hunting once and we just shot a elk and after we shot it our horse fell and broke its back and after that night we went to gut it and it was rotten because all the blood dried. So animals that are going to be used for there meat need to be bled out. So thats is why there is so much blood.

If horses are sick should they be put down or slowly die by themselves. So we should take those sick horses and make something useful out of them and make dog food. That way we don’t have to spend money an ordering it from other country’s like china or something. So one thing I don’t understand is if horses are sick and they can hardly walk or eat or even drink what is more cruel let them live or putting them down and use there meat for dog food. That seems less cruel to me.

I have had a problem with this before. We took our horse to the slaughter house and they had been shut down. So we had to go take him up into the hills and shoot him and just leave him there. That was the biggest waste of meat I have ever seen. Sure it would be sad to take him to the slaughter house and see him like that but he was so sick he could not eat drink or barely stand.

So I challenge my readers to look around at this and ask your self what you want to do about this problem with the tree huggers. Should we listen to there crap or stand up to them? If we are not carful we will not be able to go hunting or go fishing or even bird hunting. So I think that it is about time to take a stand to them.

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on Apr. 13 2016 at 12:13 pm
You have a point and I don't disagree. This was a really informative essay.


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