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December 16, 2010
By Brittni SILVER, Marengo, Iowa
Brittni SILVER, Marengo, Iowa
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White floor. Blue carpet. This is a place that means something to me and maybe nothing to others. It’s a place where it could be others way of having a future. It’s a place where I see a lot of people. It’s a place where I can almost do everything besides swear and use your cell phones.

To me school is the place that I can get away from family, boyfriend, and just everyone and their drama. Yes, school is boring at some points in time but, it gets me away from everything and teaches me for my future ahead. I actually like getting homework; it keeps me busy when nothing to do or just tired of everything so I do homework. School is a place where I can learn new things and to have a good future.

Schools the time to see and talk to my friends. Sometimes the class can even plan class parties. If your sneaky sometimes in study hall I can pass notes to my favorite friends; also I can also watch kids make stuff out of paper. Wow! Kids in study hall are very crazy they do whatever they want and disobey the teacher. Detentions are not fun, you sit in a big room sometimes by yourself or with ten other people and sit there and do homework or read. The big room is filled with desks and during some periods during school it filled with people. The people in this room are supposed to do homework or read no matter if these people are in study hall or detention.

Some peoples favorite class is English but, mine is math. I choose math because it is a physical workout for your brain and I think it’s fun and challenging. I don’t like English because you have to write papers about your personal life and most people don’t like to do that type of stuff. In English our class talks, write about our lifes or read; some people hate all of those things and I can understand why.

In school besides math I love to do art. Art is so interesting; you can just drawl shapes and it’s art. I like to draw more challenging stuff that I have to do the detail in unless I can’t tell what it is. In art class a lot of thing in Mrs. Frimmls room can resemble a person. Some people make people out of wire for a project; others may make clothes. I try to do things that resemble me and my life style. Art is all about shading, contrast, design, color, and space; it’s really actually fun to do if you like sitting down for long periods of time staring at a paper.

In the hallways there’s almost thousands of students running around with their heads cut off. The seventh and eighth graders go crazy to get to their classes because their new in this school. When the younger kids run into the older kids; the older kids yell at them and push them into walls, lockers, or other students. The teachers stand in the hallways and watch so people don’t get hurt and some teachers get kids shoved into them. Kids that are short people don’t see and I accidentally run into them but I’m one of the few people who say sorry unless I don’t like the person; which means I probably did it on purpose.

Everyday at school there’s lunch and sometimes they cook the food to long and it stinks up the whole school all day. On certain days the food may smell so good when I walk by or go through the lunch room that I can like almost taste the food. Yum! I think our lunches should be better for us and have food that we actually like to eat. I think we need more tables in the lunch room so no ones crowded. Some days for lunch the cooks over cook the food and the school smells like burnt food or sometimes it’s a different and horrible smell. If you walk by the lunch room and they over cook the food sometimes you can taste the burnt food, and it’s not a pleasant taste.

The girls locker rooms are horrible. If you go into the locker rooms after a volleyball or basketball games all you smell is sweat, and it is so horrible. People spray there sprays while there changing for gym and nothing gets the smell out. It takes about a week to two weeks to get all the smell out of the locker rooms. Not fun at all.

In conclusion school is the place that I can get away from my problems but, you say why school though? I guess I just like to have the best life for me and when I get older I want the best life for my kids. I think that all the teachers should get together and think of better ways for us to come to school. People skip school because of all the people, teachers, or the lunches.

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on Dec. 25 2010 at 4:37 pm
SpringRayyn PLATINUM, Lakeville, Minnesota
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"Don't punish yourself," she heard her say again, but there would be punishment and pain, and there would be happiness too. That was writing."
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I noticed that a lot of the time in this article you switched the audience: like I mean you switched from saying "I" to saying "you." The first one I noticed was this: "If your sneaky sometimes in study hall I can pass notes to my friends; also I can also watch kids make stuff out of paper." Aside from switching audiences, that one sentence has so much grammatical error that it kind of bugs me. You don't need to use also twice in one sentance and it might be easier to make that two sentances instead of one anyway. Your topic jumped around A LOT and I didn't really understand what your main point was; it seemed like you were going to tell about why YOU like school, but then at the end you say that people "should think of better ways for you to come to school," which could also use some specification if that is your main point.


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