December 6, 2010
By ghrtt BRONZE, Carrolton, Texas
ghrtt BRONZE, Carrolton, Texas
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Girls are awesome in so many ways. They are so soft skinned and nice. They make everything better and more exiting. Their bodies are so curvy and, many have long soft hair. Some of them are highly intelligent, mature, and independent. Their skin is always so shiny, and once again, they are so awesome.
Though being attractive is a large turn on, it is more important to me for a girl to be intelligent and independent than attractive. Think about it, if you are an intelligent guy, and you are dating an attractive yet stupid girl, it would eventually get annoying as she continuously said ignorant things. It would especially drive you insane if she was unaware that she was talking ignorantly.
Dating a independent girl is also important because if you were to date a girl who was lazy, you would have to do everything for her. After a while that would most likely aggravate you. If the girl were independent, than it would mean that have to do less to make her happy, and you could concentrate more on yourself than her.

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