The Cruel Truth

December 2, 2010
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Animals are abused everyday by their owners. When you think of animal abuse you think of killing the animal. It’s more than just that when you abuse an animal you don’t have to kill the animal. Animals get abused enough to the point that the vet has to come and take the animal and put it to sleep because it’s been so brutally injured that it’s afraid of humans now and can’t be a good pet anymore.

It’s important to know when you’re abusing the thing and disciplining it. It’s like children there’s a fine line you can’t cross. When you discipline it you give a spanking or put it outside. But when you abuse the animal you starve it for a long period of time or whoop it until bleeds (etc.).

Killing animals is bad so why do we do it? People abuse animals because they think it’s funny or just don’t love them anymore.

Dog fighting is one of many abuses. Dog fighting pares up unfair matches between a big dog and a little puppy. Dog fighting has become more and more popular in alleyways. Dog fighting is illegal in the U.S.

The cruel truth is that people abuse animals, but we can put a stop to it. Join a group called S.P.C.A. go to and join the fight for animals lives.

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