My Accumulative Thoughts

November 21, 2010
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My accumulative thoughts
On that quote,
you know...
Life Goes On.

Finally it fits, it makes sense now, it took me a while but now I get it.
For about a year this thought and its meaning floated around my head, while I would sit there and try to piece it together, figure it out.
I see parts, but not all of it; bits are missing or perhaps just not clear yet.
Hopefully one day they will be, that would be nice.
At least it is clearer now, makes more sense, has more meaning, but yet still is such a complex and elaborate concept.
It gives off the sense that you will never completely understand it, you will never find the last answer you are looking for, and that will leave you feeling slightly empty.
You are stuck to forever wonder how it works.
We are wasting time.

Life does not stop.
It will continue unharmed, not the least bit shaken, as if everything were normal.
While your heart will ache, you will cry or you will miss those whom left you behind, to continue your life without them, and still you would kill for that sense of normal. Just to continue as if nothing ever happened or went wrong.

Do not question it, your inquiries are useless, the answer will run from you your entire life.
Embrace it, accept and welcome it, because it is not changing, not for you, nor me or anyone else.

It will inspire us, break us, hurt us, heal us, impress us, question us, make us question ourselves and it will offer guidance. It, in a way, is a sense of security. It is there for a reason, which exactly we are unsure of.
It will let you see, even just for a little while how insignificant and small you are in this big wide world, but somehow empower you to change that.

Life is short, yet long.
One day your life is going to flash before your eyes, be it a week of fifty years. Make sure it is worth watching.
There will be times you might feel your world collapse, hence crushing you in the process. Everything will seem like a punishment, you are never where you want to be.
Someone you love moves on, wherever that might be. I know what that is like, believe it or not.
We are all human, healing takes time.
But all you need to know is that it gets better, it always will, time fixes everything and that
life goes on.

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