Think before you act

November 20, 2010
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Why bully others? Is it becuase they have different features than you? Because they come from a different culture? Because they don't have the most expensive clothes? Why? Many people like to bully other kids who are smaller than them. This may make them seem tough but it really doesnt. Why cant those bullies pick of somebody their own size? Kids think that bullying is OK and its just a phase. But bullying is absolutely NOT ok. Bullying is a type of abuse that comes in three kinds; emotional, verbal, and physical. Kids who get bullied are always getting hurt on the inside. In severe cases, some need to get help because of all the stress that gets in their head. The effects of bullying are worse than they may seem. Some people suffer from long term emotional problems, lonliness, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and some people even suicide. Another form of bullying is cyberbullying, which is bullying on the internet, text etc. So if you think bullying is OK for kids, think again. Think before you act. Dont bully.

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