Self Defence vs. Retaliation.

November 3, 2010
By MokoMokoMonster BRONZE, Lake Elsinore, California
MokoMokoMonster BRONZE, Lake Elsinore, California
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Bullying has been an issue for as long as schools have existed, but for most of history it has only been a problem for those who are unable to defend themselves. The general order of things was that the weak would pick on the strong, and if this was a movie, the weak would take karate lessons from an old Japanese guy and go back to take revenge. And if the bully happened to take on a kid who could defend themselves? Well, the results would be the same just without the hour long montage of waxing the floor and jumping from one post to another.
But these rules are no longer. The fine line between self defense and retaliation has become thinner and thinner over the years, until finally there is no difference. I cannot speak for other schools, but at mine, self defense is retaliation and anyone who tries to defend themselves is suspended. No exceptions.
The order has been shifted, now it’s not just the bullies that are ganging up on you but the teachers as well. If you’re jumped at school, you are not allowed to fight back unless the ones injuring you continue to punch you more than a few times. If they kick you in the ribs and punch you in the face, but walk away immediately afterward then your ‘retaliation’ will be considered unfounded and you will be suspended.

Is it really so wrong to not want to get punched in the face? Is it really so awful to ‘retaliate’ in order to protect yourself from future harm?
Now don’t get me wrong, the bully gets suspended as well, but is that really a punishment for them? Honestly, the people who get suspended for jumping a kid in the middle of school to steal his ipod are the same kids that skip class most of the time anyway. Is suspension really a punishment? It sounds more like an excused vacation for them. The only one it would really bother is the studious kid who’s just trying to get out of school with a clean record, who’s only crime was not wanting any further damage afflicted to his person.
To be perfectly honest I think this rule is ridiculous, and I think that the way bullying is handled is ridiculous.

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