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October 25, 2010
By thudson222 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
thudson222 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” This phrase means different things to different people. At that time, 1790, this meant that if you are a white man than you are free. You have the Bill of Rights to back you up. It didn’t mean white women were free. NO, women would spend the many years after the Declaration defining what their freedom would be, which is being able to vote and to be free and go to school.

Many years after women got the right to vote, African Americans would define what they believe is freedom. They wanted to be able to sit in the front of the bus, to use the same bathroom as whites, to drink out of the same drinking fountain or go to the same school as a white person. Martin Luther king junior was a leader in the movement and with other leaders and one of the largest protests outside of the Lincoln Memorial; He changed the meaning of freedom.

Freedom means I can go to school, I can read the books I want, I can wear what I want. I have rights that were given to me by my ancestors and I'm privileged to be here. I don't have to house soldiers or follow absurd laws. I have the right to the first amendment, freedom of press, freedom to protest and so many more. Even though we may not realize it, every day we experience freedom, and hopefully we will have freedom for a very long time. We owe our freedom to the bravery and perseverance of our ancestors.

The meaning of Freedom has changed over the years. The people of the United States have changed its meaning and that is what has made us such a great nation. Our foundation is built on freedom. Freedom means having the capability to change, be different, be who you are. We are living proof of freedom.

Freedom to me is all the acts of American history. While each individual event and action has its significance; it is the accumulation of these events that gives meaning to freedom. Freedom is the sacrifice of persons in the past that allow me to enjoy the prosperity and rights I have today.

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