Freedom In My Eyes

October 25, 2010
By , Littleton, CO
I believe freedom is…

I believe freedom is not just a thing, but a lifestyle choice. Despite what many people say, it is something that is worth fighting for but it’s also taken for granted. Freedom is what our soldiers died for and what many more will die for as well. And when I hear what others have done to earn it for us, it really makes me stop and think….What IS freedom? But more importantly, what is to me?

As Americans, we look at freedom as a right, not a privilege. We forget about those who aren’t as lucky to have it and what they would do for it. For places like Cuba and Iraq, freedom is like a treasure looming just out of their reach. Most of us don’t even realized how blessed we are just to sit in a classroom and learn. I know that I don’t. To me, freedom is everything that I could ever wish for and more. To me, freedom is everything.

Everyday, people all around the country are raising their right hands and devoting themselves to this country. To its safety. And to its freedom. Along with the many sacrifices that have been made, many lives have been lost. But I do not believe that they get a fraction of the respect they deserve. This country is devoted to the cause of freedom. We often forget that. And if the time ever comes when we don’t have it, we will regret not appreciating it.

Above all else, freedom means being united, coming together, and fighting for what we know is right. If every soldier in the battlefield fought on his own, how would we win? Victory was only achieved when America worked together. Beyond it all, freedom is what makes us one country. United we stand and divided we fall. I believe this to be true because American stands up as one front, protecting each other and protecting our freedom.

Remember, freedom is being united, it’s being grateful, and it’s being aware of what it took to achieve it. The next time you say your feelings out loud or go to complain about how much you hate school, think about how fortunate you are. Think about the sacrifices that were made just so you could say that sentence. Throughout history, America has remained free and it always will. Let freedom ring.

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Destinee This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Oct. 31, 2010 at 1:17 pm
Well-written article, thank God. There are too many articles on this site that don't even have proper capitalisation.

Anyway. Could you remind me why the soldiers are in Iraq in the first place? I was told it was because of the WMD, but there weren't any, so...
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