What Freedom Means to Me

October 25, 2010
By Anonymous

In my mind freedom is not just a word its a way of life. Our founding fathers, are responsible for the freedom we enjoy in America. One of the documents that states our freedoms is the Bill of Rights.These 10 amendments are significant in an Americans life.

Freedom of religion is the most important to me. As a member of a church I am able to pray to god without my life being endangered. Another amendment that is important to me is the freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is important to me because I am able to voice my opinion without fear of imprisonment. In other countries they control what can be said or printed to restrain the citizens. On behalf of freedom of speech our country encourages free mind and free will.

Freedom to me also means no slavery. We don’t have to worry about people owning one another.This is because slavery was abolished after the civil war. I am very happy that everyone is created equal. In addition to being free everyone can obtain the job they want. I want to be a pediatrician, but back in the day women weren’t aloud to be doctors.

Along with freedom we have those who stood up for it. One of the most important freedom icons was Martin Luther King Jr. The way he would think was astronomical. Writing great speeches and believing in us was his life. He knew we could change and everyone would be treated equal. I thank him for placing his life in danger to change the world.

Before I wrote this paper I really didn’t realize that I took most of these freedoms for granted. In my mind i use to think this is just how life is. I never thought about other counties and what they have to face. Now, I am growing up and am fortunate for all of my rights. It’s important that we Americans work hard to maintain our independence.

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