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October 15, 2010
By Ariel Morales BRONZE, Dorchester, Massachusetts
Ariel Morales BRONZE, Dorchester, Massachusetts
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I don’t understand why people have the urge to say things out loud. I don’t need to hear your comments, if I can see what you’re commenting about. Secondly, not everyone agrees with the loud comment you just made, which suggests that you are an ignorant person. I have a cousin who always needs to make comments about things in her ignorant tone. When you try to correct her she gets loud and yells, “I don’t care”. She’s one of those that yells about other people’s problems and flaws, but forgets her own. I met her on the bus one time and next thing you know she’s talking about how people want to be her friends after they had beef, and yells “heck no!” Conceited much? I’m over here thinking why she has to be so loud; I mean it’s embarrassing because everybody makes those comments inside, but she yells them out; it’s so unnecessary.

I understand that in the world we come across people we don’t like, maybe even those we hate. The good news is that sometimes we can avoid people that we don’t like. The bad news is that they can randomly appear in people’s lives. We may not like these people because of their attitude or because the way they look. People that get me mad are the ones that make loud unnecessary comments in the random day of life.
I am not talking about people that are loud when they talk to people; those I can deal with. I am talking about those that make loud comments towards those people that most would avoid. For example, the other day I got on the bus and there was this man talking to the bus driver. He was a decent man, but he seemed to attract attention by praising himself and his abilities; now he’s around 30-40 years of age so I kept quiet because he’s older. Since he was so loud, others were shaking their heads. There was this one passenger who was a young woman about 20-30 years old and with a young baby in a carriage. She was tending to her baby and murmuring under her breath the whole time.
As soon as the guy gets off the bus the quiet lady decides to yell “THANK GOD!” .Then she decides to look at him out the window and yell it again. This time he does a little dance as he walks and she shakes her head in disgust. Instead of finding him disgusting, I look at her with disgust. There was no need for her to yell out loud “THANK GOD!” Instead of trying to make him look like an embarrassment, she made herself look loud and ignorant.
Then she goes and makes a call on her phone, but instead of being quiet she decides to continue with her loud rant and yell at the person on the phone. The annoying part was that she was actually conversing with this person; even though she sounds like she pissed off at him or something.
The concept of the “norm” of a society is taking place here. People who are unnecessarily loud are just stating the society’s normal way of thinking; which means more than half of the people hearing her are thinking the same thing, causing her statement to become invalid. If we think way back, it is partly her fault.
The group acceptance of a certain action, phrase, or anything actually, is called the norm. The norm then determines what and how people act in a public setting. This person thought it was ok to yell out what is normal, a fault or annoyance of one person in public.
Some say that it is necessary for people to do so. . People who are outspoken are the ones that make things happen. They are usually leaders who start protests and help change the world. An outspoken person is one that is not afraid to point out faults and help others find the flaw.
That was not a moment for outspoken people to “rise up” and protest. It was about that lady letting the guy leave the bus without making any unnecessary comments towards him. I get she might have had to talk loudly through the phone, but the guy leaving the bus did not have to be yelled “Thank God” to. She should’ve have kept her mouth quiet; “Like speaking your mind? Speak your mind quietly”.

The author's comments:
I guess i am a quiet person so hearing these loud people make comments and stuff just makes me want ot stay more quiet.

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