Violence from the Hunger Games and Our Society

September 16, 2010
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Have you ever wondered if violence is used for entertainment? In The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, everything is violent. In the United States, they don’t use violence for their amusement. Compared to the Hunger Games, modern societies cannot compare to that kind of intended violence; rather present day civilization is gaining up to the Hunger Games’ barbarity.

For the Hunger Games, the start of violence is when two people, a boy and a girl, gets selected, from each of the 12 districts, out of a box at the reaping to see who would join the Hunger Games that year. The Hunger Games is when 12 girls and 12 boys from all of the districts go into an arena to fight to their death. The two contestants train and try to gain sponsors. After training, they are sent into the Hunger Games to fight the battle between life and death. In the U.S., we never would have actual reality show where people would really die. It is possible movie makers may make a movie similar to the Hunger Games, but it is only an act.

In the Hunger Games, a group of tributes form a group called the Careers to gang up on the rest of the contestants. In the U.S. and other societies, they all have gangs that work together to eliminate enemies. The Careers try to kill everyone so they can steal gain extra supplies. Their plan is to kill everybody, and then turning around to kill each other. When it is the start of the Hunger Game, there is a circle of backpacks filled with supplies. The Careers fight everyone off and take almost everything.

It isn’t easy to kill with one’s bare hands, so there must be weapons. At the beginning of the hunger game, the contestant has to grab whatever they can, then run. Sometimes they need to fight for the weapons. If they don’t get the weapon they want, then they have to try and steal it from others. In the U.S., there are weapons that some people use to hurt each other, but instead of fighting to get it, people just have to buy it from a store. But in some countries, one can easily get weapons to hurt others.

The source of life in the arena is food and water. If a contestant doesn’t have food and water, the person will slowly die of starvation or dehydration. In the arena, a tribute should find a water source first. After the person locates their water, the tribute needs to hunt for food. Some contestants can just use a bow and arrow or knife to either shoot or throw the weapon at an animal to hunt it. Other contestants are handy with their hands so they make traps to hunt. But a contestant has to take chances because when they aren’t watching, someone could steal the animal that the other contestant trapped. Also, when a contestant tries to trap an animal, they need bait to try to lure the animal in. Also, when there aren’t any animals around, a contestant could always look for some edible tree bark or plants. If the contestant knows their plants well, they could pick some berries of the bushes, but one berry could cause a contestant his or her life. In the U.S. and some other societies, people just need to go to the nearest store to go buy food and water.

Every now or then, when a contestant can’t find any animals to trap or to hunt, the contestant has to steal. Sometimes, the contestant needs to steal when the others are sleeping or not watching. Otherwise, the person has to kill the other contestant to swipe their belongings. When a contestant kills someone, it is stealing their life.

Once, in a past Hunger Game, there was a contestant that ate other tributes, but the contestant was doing that for survival. In the U.S. and some other alike societies, there is not been much cannibalism.

There are violent video games in the world that in the Hunger Games does not exist because Hunger Games is the violent entertainment. If there is a violent video game, and someone becomes obsessed with it, then they could go out and kill people, steal things, break in cars, because that happens in the game. If everybody is obsessed with video games, then the world could turn crazy.

There are violent sports all over the world like boxing and football which is two violent “sports” that the Hunger Games doesn’t have. The sports aren’t usually aren’t as violent as the Hunger Games.

The violence in The Hunger Games and the violence in United States and other societies are very different to each other. Is violence used more frequently in The Hunger Games then the U.S. and other societies? In the U.S., there is petty violence. In The Hunger Games, there is harsh violence. However, the Hunger Games promote death and murder while the U.S. tries the prevent violence.

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colour97 said...
May 5, 2012 at 9:07 pm
hi could you write an article on why Hunger games is too violent for a teenage audience? 
Gabbie said...
Jan. 31, 2012 at 3:23 pm
FINALLY!! A good Hunger Games article that makes sense!!!! Brava LilSarah!! I really liked your article! I have to write a Hunger Games article for my writing class, and I needed quotes from articles... I pulled a quote from your article, because it has a similar idea to mine.
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