The Light is Red

August 12, 2010
By ctheatregeek BRONZE, N/A, Wisconsin
ctheatregeek BRONZE, N/A, Wisconsin
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How many times have you been driving along a road when you see a cop car pulling over a car and think "thank god that wasn't me." Then as you pass you see it is this feeble old lady and her hands are shaking as she reaches for her license and registration.

Personally I believe that people should be re-tested for there drivers license every 10 years. As many people age, they start to lose there keen senses, most without even noticing they are losing them. Which is why this poor lady could be driving along and run a stop light without even realizing it, therefore endangering the lives of all the drivers on the road.

Mandatory re-testing every ten years would really help keep the roads safer, and I also believe that the States should set up some sort of program to help elderly drivers who cannot regain there license because they have lost there perfect senses. Such as having teen drivers escort the elderly to there various appointments as part of the teens driving probation period.

Teens always get the bad rap for not driving carefully because they are two busy texting or talking to friends, which may be true, but elderly people may not know they are doing anything wrong. It is our job as the youth of America to really help our predecessors.

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