August 9, 2010
By jacked_up_sharpie GOLD, Fort Worth, Texas
jacked_up_sharpie GOLD, Fort Worth, Texas
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I just read the new report about puberty girls. You know the one that says that little girls are beginning to hit puberty at age 7. Doctors claim that they do not understand why little girls are developing breast, but they believe it has something to do with obesity. Is it just me, or does everything seems to have something to do with being obese? “Our students aren’t focusing in school. Must be obesity!” Oh, this one is my FAVORITE. “The world is becoming more of a mess every day. No one seems to want anything to do with making the world a better place for us. Why? Because of obesity!” It makes SO much sense doesn’t it?

Before obesity became the target, it was the new electronics that were just coming out. (Ps2’s wii’s, iPod’, ect.) If being fat was truly the problem for the world ending, then why are the rates rising!? Being unhealthy is a bad thing for us, not the whole wide world! The reason kids aren’t paying so much attention, is because the schools stopped caring about teaching us. It’s more about how much publicity they can get. This, if you think about it, doesn’t make sense. The more publicity they get, the more kids register, and the more they don’t learn. This happens until BAM, the school is filled with untaught teenage kids, and the ‘hard earned’ publicity, is gone. Wouldn’t it just be so much easier to just teach us all correctly, and have a bunch of made doctor feel generous one day? Why does no one take the easy route anymore?

I find it rather pathetic on how everything is blamed on a random thing. At first, the news, and government, makes a big deal about a specific topic. Like now it is obesity. Then, scientist confirms it, then that’s all anyone can talk about. It makes sense on paper, because you see a bunch of intellectual words, which seem to make you nod in agreement. Truth it, no one knows what’s truly going on and people are afraid. So, to hide their fear, they blame it on one thing. Few months later, they find something else to blame it on.

There are a lot of deep problems wrong with the environment. It’s quite dumb to blame it on something that no one is doing anything about.

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purplecat said...
on Aug. 13 2010 at 10:49 am
purplecat, Searcy, Arkansas
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Good point of view. Yoou're right, it is about how much publicity schools can get. Very true.

LivenLove said...
on Aug. 12 2010 at 10:31 am
LivenLove, Washington, Pennsylvania
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I think you have a veryyyy good point it was just a bit confusing. I totally agree with you. 

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