Who Has the Right?

July 28, 2010
By Anonymous

The future of America is in voters’ hands. Voting is important because we need someone to represent us, we have the right to share our opinions, and we need to show those corrupt government members that we care about our futures. We pick the people who will help make good decisions for our country.

Firstly, we need people who know what they’re doing. This means that there’re people up there that can say what we’re all thinking. For example, if everyone went to all international gatherings, it would be disorganized. That’s why we came up with a system where we can choose representatives to stand for our country.

Secondly, if we’re given the right to vote, it’s an opportunity to express our feelings. For example, what if America wasn’t a democracy and only the King could call the shots? We citizens could merely sit on the side lines and wait for orders. We’d have no say in anything. There are plenty of people who wish they could vote. For example, before, women were disregarded because their opinions were “unimportant”. They weren’t allowed to vote until the Nineteenth Amendment was legalized. So they should especially take this chance to vote. Also, African-Americans weren’t given the right to vote either. People had to vote for the 15th Amendment to be put into action.

Thirdly, if we’re not voting for the people we think deserve to represent America, we’re just showing those hot shot millionaires that money can buy anything. For instance, what if the next president-to-be just paid everyone a million dollars for his or her vote? We have to think about if he or she is really right for the job. If we abandon our ways of life and succumb to bribes, then what does that make us? We need to stand up for what we believe in. Also, money doesn’t last that long, whereas presidents stay for at least four maybe agonizing years.

In conclusion, voting keeps us together, it tells everyone what we’re really thinking, and it shows that we have integrity assuming that we don’t fall under the hands of corruption. Everyone, once they’re of legal age, can vote no matter how old they get. It’s a serious matter at hand because we need people to help rule our government. By voting, we make sure that people can get their opinions across with the help of a trained delegate.

The author's comments:
This piece is a little of my righteous side if you will. I wrote it because I wanted people to know the importance of voting and why we should care about it. Voting affects us in many different ways. I just want to show people that turning a blind eye isn't the best thing to do when you're scared of what others think of your opinions. If you feel it, write it.

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