Easier Written than Done

July 27, 2010
By LizaW. GOLD, Glenview, Illinois
LizaW. GOLD, Glenview, Illinois
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As they fight to keep alive on the battleground, home is another battle zone for female veterans. After serving, many women get what is called post-traumatic stress disorder due to the violent actions of war. Unfortunately, rather than being cared or when they return home, they are left completely deserted and alone. For a country that prides in their military strength, we sure don't act that way. It's incredibly heart wrenching when these women have gone through so much, and when they come back home they can't find a job, a place to stay, or proper care. The majority of the women who come back from the war to resume their lives, they are usually homeless. Needless to say, no matter how many times we write the word "equal" between the words "man" and "woman" it is clearly easier written than done. Women began serving since 1948, but it was only 40 years later when proper health services for women was established. So even after the 22 years women have received treatment, most of the veteran hospitals today haven't yet fully adapted or changed. It's one thing when a hospital doesn't have the right supplies to treat a female patient, but it's another when women purposefully avoid hospitals because of the lack of safety. It's at a point where some veteran hospitals don't have locks in the bathrooms and no precautions are taken when examining female patients, especially when the veteran hospitals are mostly male patients. Consequently, the female patients leave the hospitals even more broken or damaged than before. It's really difficult to see these women being lauded for their efforts and after everyone has turned their heads, they are left for themselves. Something must be done to treat these women right and we can start by changing the veteran hospitals. It isn't right when you don't feel safe in a hospital, you shouldn't feel safe in a war zone, but you should feel safe in a hospital. Fortunately, one veteran hospital has been changed to care for the female veterans. Already the effects for the female veterans have been surprising. That's one step in a long process, but we've got to keep going, changing the hospitals, and helping the women back onto their feet. Maybe one day it'll be done as easily as it can be written.

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