Inner Evil

July 26, 2010
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Once upon a time in Pre AP English, I learned about the Holocaust. We, being mere children, are learning more and more of the world we live in every day. But we do not have to learn as quickly and painfully as the Jewish children of our past’s cruelty.

Adolf Hitler thought he was doing the world well, as many of the world’s most sinister wrong-doers think today. Many would look upon his acts of prejudice and hatred, thinking only that he was an evil, twisted man. I believe that everyone is an “evil man” in their own unique way. Everyone has intentions, good or bad; they believe that things could be better if society would allow their views. Some start out with the most helpful ideas; yet those same ideals quickly turn into horrific problems.

Adolf Hitler was a human, though some would disagree that his actions were far from humane. Many would like to deny that someone of their nature is capable of doing such sickening things in our world. But he was a human, just like all of us all over the world. Therefore, evil is in all of us as well as well; just in different forms.

Anne Frank was a charming, young girl. She wanted nothing more in the world than to become a writer, an actress; a position in the spotlight, entertaining the masses. She wanted to be famous, known by everyone and anyone on the planet. Anne wanted to crawl out from under her older sister’s shadow. Anne Frank achieved her dreams, but sadly after her tragic death. Her diary was found and published! Her story was talked about all over the world! Anne’s life is still talked about today! Everyone forgot about Margot’s good grades, beauty and ladylike fashion; falling in love with Anne, the writer.

Many people in concentration camps died by the end of the war; most of illness, starvation or even being trampled or burned. But beaten and broken, they carried on until their unfortunate ending; many unnoticed. Children lost parents, siblings and friends; along with their dignity being stripped from them like the clothes on their backs. Most people know the stories, but most people were not there to witness the horrible acts happening during the Holocaust. Books and stories of victims of the Holocaust share with us a small amount of the horror felt by the Jewish people.

I opened my eyes to stories, personal accounts, and movies; and found that I am very happy that I was not alive at such a time in history. But that time is not an accurate name for the hatred of the world. There isn’t just a that time, horrible events just like the Holocaust still happen today, whether we would like to admit it or not. We can choose to open our eyes and hearts, taking the world in as it is; good or bad. We can choose to shut our eyes and ears tightly, hoping that the truth cannot reach us so far in our ignorance. But I, for one, choose to keep my mind wide open to everything and everyone, leaving nothing out, no matter how disturbing the account. No matter how painful the truth may be, I choose to never walk blindly into anyone’s unfortunate memories; because I’d rather know the facts than snub the mistreatment of people and children just like me, just like Anne Frank. In opening our senses up fully to the world, I believe we are also opening up to the reality of ourselves as well. I will come to terms with my inner evil and learn all that I possibly can about myself, to keep such things from happening again.

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