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July 9, 2010
By WeAllWantToBeFamous BRONZE, Barnsley, Other
WeAllWantToBeFamous BRONZE, Barnsley, Other
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Lately I can’t help but notice how many of us Teens are suffering from depression I don’t know whether it’s just the people I know or what, but personally it’s getting slightly out of hand.
I understand some teens do have genuine reasons to be depressed with problems at home and at school and some people have disorders that effect there emotions this is fair enough but I mean getting depressed over simple things like arguments with parents and friends, silly little arguments over barely nothing, things that could be sorted with a simple “I’m sorry” just we’re too stubborn to say it! I think it’s actually turning into some sort of trend there are what in areas like I live we call “Emos” for people who don’t know what emo’s are may I suggest typing it in to Now I have nothing against Emo’s if anything I respect them for being different, well they are in areas like where I live full of the common Chav! Again feel free if you have no idea what I’m talking about use!
I log into Msn or Facebook daily and the first thing I see is over 75% of people personal messages containing some depressing comment about how there “life sucks” and they don’t see “the purpose of living”. First things first you’re a teenager just like me we’ve barely lived how can we say our lives suck? When we haven’t even lived a quarter of it yet? It’s exactly the same with the purpose of living comment, as we haven’t even lived out lives yet how are we meant to know, we should be living it to the full enjoying every precious minute of it. After all how many times have we heard an adult say those were the best times of my life when referring to the good old days when they were free and didn’t have to pay bills or council tax?
So all I’m saying is I really think some people are so ungrateful look what you have, the way your acting you’d have thought you’d have been on your deathbed! Even that isn’t an excuse! I had a friend who’s recently passed away with Leukaemia she lived her life to the full she never complained about anything she appreciated what she had and what she’d done in her short life of 16 years.
If she appreciated what she had and lived life for every second that went by surely we should right?

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Just something that's been bugging me

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