Gossip Girls

May 27, 2010
By Mikayla14 BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
Mikayla14 BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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You walk down the hall, everybody stops, stares and whispers. “What did I not follow the newest, coolest and hippest trend?”, I asked myself. But no, in this world it's all teenage girls can do....gossip.

As you get to your locker you find out what everyone is talking about. “Oh my god did you hear what Sharron did with Brody? She totally dissed him in front of everybody!”, said one girl. “Ya, I know she thinks that she is so grown up when she really isn't and we are the mature ones.”,(thought from others)said another girl “Ya real mature talking behind people's back for no good reason.”, I think to myself(thought). They probably already have labels like “back-stabber” or “two-timer” or maybe even “two-faced-two-timing-back-stabber.”(Hyphenated modifiers) Who knows I guess we all have labels whether we want them or not really. I am up to my eyes in drama and hearing she did this and he did that. Blah, blah, blah is what I think of it. It's a rough world with all this drama , gossip and stuff being said about other people behind there back.

I will admit it, I do it sometimes as well as others, but sometimes some girls are overwhelming with gossip and backstabbing! I don't like how we have all the cliques and groups like that. Then you have to work on “fitting-in” and not being yourself to fit in with the “populars”. When people start judging you that's when it all goes down hill from there. Welcome to the world of gossip! Middle School is basically Gossip Central! You cannot go a day without getting talked about (And I mean in a bad way not a good way.) So be it. Just do your best to ignore the gossipers.

Feet trembling, heart pounding, hands shaking as I walk down the hallway. (Participle)Even though I have been at this school since Kindergarten I still feel this way around my peers and fellow classmates. I walk pacing myself to the classroom not wanting to make myself look like I am in a rush to get there but not wanting to look like I don't want to get to class and I just want to wander the halls. I just want to get to class and get this day over with as fast as possible. I walk into science there is my friend Jane sitting already getting started with the warm-up. Jane was a very good friend but we had our ups and downs. Jane was also my locker buddy. We had a lot of laughs together since she is in every single one of my classes with the exception of encores. It's been this way since the second trimester. Loving, caring, sharing people is NOT what you will find in middle school.(magic three) I love friends, I love family, I love pets but the one thing I do not love is gossiping girls.(repetition for effect.) This middle school was a dry old brick building that was decaying by the day.(Environment) Walking into middle school is like feeding yourself to the tigers.(Simile) Peeling your own flesh is easier than going to middle school.(Metaphor). Your life comes to an end. It is really awful. Imagine walking into a tiger exhibit in the zoo, your surround by man-eating tigers.(Hyphenated-Modifier) The hotness, sweatiness reeks through the hallway as you walk down all eyes on you.(Appearance)Have fun in Middle school!

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on Mar. 8 2011 at 9:58 am
yes, i agree. i think that teenage girls need to stop focusing so much on drama and leave each other alone. high school is not meant to be a war!!!! be nice!!!! focus on yourself and your own life!!!!  :)

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