Death Penalty

May 30, 2010
By Anonymous

Death Penalty has been one of the popular controversial issue in the world, because it depends on your moral value. We all have different opinions, and we all value one thing more than others.

Do you believe in "eye for an eye"? Then you support death penalty because if someone kills an innocent man, that person's life should be taken away. It's "justice," right?

...Or not. It's merely your opinion. Justice means "fair," but there's nothing that says "this is justice." People oppose death penalty because:
-it's expensive (and remember, we're paying for it)
-it doesn't deter crimes (it's not proven that it does)
-it's bias (targets minorities and poor??)
-innocent people can be executed (it's rare though)
-violates the International Human Rights Laws
-there are better alternatives (i.e. life in prison without parole plus restitution)
-and why kill to show that killing is wrong?

I personally like the idea of putting criminals in prison without parole and make them work (life in prison without parole plus restitution). I'd rather have them work and provide money for the society and th victim's family than have them die and be useless. I wouldn't want the killer to get away with the murder(s), but if there was an option for putting them to work and be kept away from the society, I would choose that. Wouldn't that be a better idea than just killing them?

The author's comments:
This is merely my opinion based on research I did for about 3 month. During that I talked to a representative from my state, professors, and people working in pro or anti death penalty organizations.

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