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June 8, 2010
By Anonymous

The expression life comes at you quick is gods way of saying be careful and be aware of your surroundings. It’s like a teacher saying this is your last warning before I call your parents. I believe that everything that happens to us happens to prepare us for the future and the struggles we may face. Its almost like training for adulthood. In my life it almost seems as though all major events have happened for the better, and not for the worst. Even when it seems like the devil himself is looking over me, it always seems to end up fine.
I believe that when accidents like crashing a car happen, its like speed bumps on the road of life. If you are going to fast and hit a speed bump there is a good chance of you screwing something up, but eventually you can fix it. After you make it across this speed bump you learn why you hit it and how to avoid it the next time. Accidents that happen to me like breaking my leg skiing in 3rd grade changed my life for ever. At first it seemed that life just sucked because I could no longer ski for that season. But once I got across that speed bump my leg healed and life started to flow again and I was introduced to snowboarding. Snowboarding came into view only because I was no longer skiing. Now at age 17 I look back at that day and think to myself, I would probably still be skiing if that did not happen. I have now snowboarded for 8 years and have made it into a career and a lifestyle. Where would I be if that did not happen? Where would I be if I had just been going a little bit slower? Where would I be if I had just swerved a little to the left? These are the questions I am constantly asking myself. That’s what is cool about life though, there is no rewind button. There is no restart and try again. Things just happen.
Life comes at you quick; it’s your choice to slow down before bashing into speed bumps. It your choice to swerve to avoid them or just catch some air and prepare for a crash landing. That’s what makes life worth living though and that’s what makes the world keep spinning. And that’s what makes me believe that “Yes” everything does and will happen for a reason.

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i just want to graduate

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