Firearm Safety

June 8, 2010
Firearm safety has saved more lives then you may think. Without it, it could cost you or another person their lives. My topic is firearm safety. There have been more firearm related deaths then car accidents. Without firearm safety, its as dangerous as giving a psycho killer a loaded gun. Or possibly, you could be giving them a gun. Read on and learn more about my topic.

Firearm safety is my chosen topic because I believe that without it, it may be able to kill more people then car accidents. Most people may say, what are the firearm purchasing laws in maine. Well, here you go. To purchase a firearm, you must be 18. There is no registration of firearms in maine. There is though, a record kept by all firearm dealers, just in case police need to find out who owns the curtin caliber gun. Also, the dealer must provide a safety brochure with the gun. You can buy that gun, but not buy ammunition for it. But that could be easily retrieved with the help of a 21 year old. You can only buy the ammunition when your 21 and older. There was a report of a police officer getting ready for his shift. It was his regular routine that he did 240 times a year. He was preparing his gun, when it went off hitting him in the leg. It went straight through, severing an artery. He was rushed to the hospital, and died shortly after. You may say “how did this happen?”. Well, for starters, the gun was pointed at himself. He was using a glock,( type of handgun) which has no external safety’s. So the trigger was free to pull back and fire. The reason for this accident is lack of firearm safety. This officer had clearly not been trained properly with firearm safety.

Another person may say, well what are the laws to own a firearm. Once again, I will tell you. You do not have to register a gun in maine. And worst of all, you can own a gun from the minute you were born, with no knowledge of using one. The only law that really applies to owning a firearm, is that to keep a firearm concealed, you must take special classes for it. When those are done, you get a permit to keep a concealed weapon on you. To sum it all up, you can own a gun, no matter how old you are.

Lastly, im going to talk about firearm usage. There are many uses of firearms. Wether your target shooting, hunting, or even keeping one in your house, in case of a robbery, you don’t need to be educated in using a firearm. The only time you need to be educated in using a firearm is when you turn 16, you have to go through a hunters safety course. But not for any other use. That is where people think that they are never going to have a problem with guns. When people say accidental discharge of a gun, it isn’t the gun, it is the person being careless. Most accidental discharges happen when the person drops the gun, and reaches for it, and hits the trigger, setting it off. Something you would learn not to do when that happens, if you go to a firearm safety class, is to always let the gun fall. Never try to catch it.

It is the small things that you shouldn’t do with a firearm that could save a life, and you might not learn it, no matter how many times you use a gun. So take a firearm safety class, to prevent misshapes while using a gun.

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