How media Portrays women

June 6, 2010
By andrea001 BRONZE, Guayaquil, Other
andrea001 BRONZE, Guayaquil, Other
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In my opinion, the media completely changes our view of
“real beauty” in their advertisements. Beauty is only a supplement in
a person. The personality, moral values and mainly the
dignity and respect for oneself is what counts. The media does not
realize how much damage is being caused to society by putting surreal women in their
propaganda, and I say women because they are the main target of this
industry-.Since women are the ones who believe what they sell, they put women in all of their banners, TV commercials and other types of advertisements so we can feel identified to what they are convincing us to buy. Believe it or not when we see the products that they promote, we immediately think of buying them just because they make us think that we will
look thinner or younger, or more beautiful. We actually believe that
we really need all these things in our lives, or like I rather call them "supplements," to
be happy or even happier than we already are. But the media cannot
see beyond their "needs" and realize that they harm youth,
our future. They make us believe that external beauty and
materialism are the most important things in this world. This "perfect image" of the
woman simply does not exist when we analyze it from a physical way
because everyone has flaws. Maybe saying that the internal beauty is what really matters
sounds like if I took it out of a fairy tale, but that’s the truth, because if I am a person of good, that has all the moral values you can imagine than I will no longer have the need to be “perfect” on the outside, because people would realize that I do not need to be anything else than what I already am. I’m not
saying that a person's appearance does not matter because the truth is that it
is an important thing but not as important as the media portrays it or
suggests it.

The author's comments:
This is my point of view on how media brainwashes teens.

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