What Matters?

June 2, 2010
In my perspective what matters is being optimistic. Day to day we all encounter events which can be minor or even change our lives. However, what we must remember is to look on the bright side and be cheerful. The famous quote “Every dog has its day” is pertinent to this topic. One day might seem as if it’s a disaster, nevertheless one should never let go of hope. An average teenager’s life can be hectic, and pressurizing. Grades as well as outside activities can be extremely imperative. When one seems to have done well, the next day might seem to be the total opposite. This is what the quote “every dog has its day” means. Being optimistic also means to have faith and to believe. Teenagers tend to get suppressed really expeditiously. They might have a multiple amount of assignments to do. Even though they are beyond mastering these tasks, they tend to go down due to social problems. One should push these feelings to the side and have confidence in themselves. This is the meaning of being optimistic, and in my perception this is what matters.

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