June 2, 2010
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Government is a tough thing to get perfect. If we don’t have enough, things could easily get out of control. With too much though, there is too much control. Finding that perfect medium is what we have been working on for years but can never seem to get it right. This gives us the thought about whether or not we need it.

The argument for needing government is that if we do not, we will have no sense of right and wrong. It is true that especially in the United States with no government we have enough people with no integrity or common sense that it could very well be lots of trouble. We have enough crime as it is, without the one thing that controls it; it seems like it would sky rocket.

The thought of no taxes or worrying about communism or any of the things wrong with government is tempting. There would be no one setting rules, you get to live your life the way you want to. It seems as if life would be great with no one breathing down our back about every little thing.

In my eyes, government is a must. Yes, too much is bad. I believe though, that it would be better than none. Government funds education, law, defense things that I think we need to live a normal and healthy life. We could still have law without government. When you think about it though, there would be no constitution to follow. I believe we should continue and do our absolute best to find the middle between too much and too little government.

So, government is a good thing. If we did not have it, I don’t think we would be stable enough to go on for very long. We should do our best to put up with the things we do not like about it, and know it is for the best.

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