The world of "Good Job"

May 25, 2010
By matthewk23 BRONZE, Harwood Heights, Illinois
matthewk23 BRONZE, Harwood Heights, Illinois
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The doorbell rings. billy is home from school with mommy. He has a slip of paper in his hands. Billy throws his shoes to the ground and runs as fast as he could. He finds his daddy.
"Daddy! Look!"
"Good job billy!" the boy is holding up a test marked with a C.
This is America. People will praise children for just about anything.
"The dog is brown. The hog is pink. The end."
That was a wonderful story, Jane! You should become an author!" Jane runs home that day with a "star writer" slip.
Is this good for the children? I don't think so. When they're a bit older, they are going to be expecting a few bucks for making their bed. The saddest part is that their parents give it to them. Why do they give in? The only reason that I could think of is that they can't lose their "buddy." Many parents look at their children this way.
I was recently riding in a car with one of my friends and his mom. Anyone could tell that she hated her age. She wore makeup and constantly talked with us about "teenage" stuff. She tried to make us laugh and told us stories that she found very interesting. The she and her son had a full blown argument about gym class. Both of them were yelling at the tops of their voices. A few minutes later, she was trying to be cool again.
This leads me to believe that we are overpowered by idiots. What will this world become if everyone acts this way? Any parents who treat their children like emperors are not doing their job right. Soon enough, the children will have children. This royal treatment will either be passed on or backfire. The new parents will pass their throne down to their descendents, or they may not do anything for their children. Why? Because they don't feel like doing anything. This chain of chaos will leave our world wondering, "What did we do wrong?"
Actually, many ill see it as, "We're doing a good job!"

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