Smoking is not ok

May 25, 2010
By lexi erickson BRONZE, Afton, Wyoming
lexi erickson BRONZE, Afton, Wyoming
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Smoking is killing you with every smoke you take. The people around you are also in danger because you are smoking. This usually won’t kill a person right away but it works slowly and deadly. Smoking is even bad for the environment. Most smokers after their smoke just throw their ends on the ground. Smoking is not only bad for your health but also its bad for the people around you. We should stop smoking in public.
Smoking is an addictive habit that is very unhealthy. In a health class the wise teacher taught that every time you smoke you damage and destroy important brain cells. These brain cells include memory, the ability to learn, and choice making skills. In a case scenario someone started smoking at the age of sixteen. Although this person has been smoking they go against static’s and live to be sixty-five years old. The percent of that person’s life that they would be able to use their full brain would be for 24%. This means for the other 73% of their life they would only use what’s left of their brain. The website states, “Of every 100,000 15 year old smokers, tobacco will prematurely kill at least 20,000 before the age of 70.
Of the 3,000 teens that started smoking today, nearly 1,000 will eventually
die as a result from smoking.
Adolescent girls who smoke and take oral birth control pills greatly increase their chances of having blood clots and strokes.” These facts prove that smoking is bad for your health, and should not be allowed in public.
When people smoke they are putting others in danger also not just themselves.

Smoking is also bad for others. The website states” Throughout the years, the science of secondhand smoke has driven the secondhand smoke policy engine from separate smoking and nonsmoking sections to separately ventilated smoking rooms to 100% smoke free environments. We now know that 53,800 people die every year from secondhand smoke exposure. This number is based on the midpoint numbers for heart disease deaths (48,500), lung cancer deaths (3,000), and SIDS deaths (2,300) as calculated in the 1997 California EPA Report on Secondhand Smoke.” This static’s are high and therefore should be taken seriously.

Smoking is a danger to all people around.
This is the time to take action for your life. Now is the time to make people aware of the dangers they are putting themselves and others in. We, as members of the high school community, need to take a stand for our health and try to stop the amount of smokers in the valley. Smoking is not a safe public action.

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