Reduced Fat/ Calorie Products

May 19, 2010
By CoolKidd BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
CoolKidd BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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In today's "health-crazied" society, more and more companies are making their products with less fat and calories. The excessive publicity of "low fat/ reduced calorie" products has caused many teens and young adults to succumb to the false advertisements that claim that calories and fat are bad for you. While excessive amounts of these can cause weight gain and health issues,there is also a vast amount of fat and calories that our body needs to perform functions such as breathing and movement. Most Americans are unaware of how many calories and/or grams of fat they need for the body to properly operate. In addition, obesity is a serious epidemic our nation is experiencing, but there is also a large percentage of athletes and people that face underweight issues that need these fats and caories that are slowing disappearing from our culture. Most snack and soft drink companies don't realize that athletes and underweight civilians are there most frequent costumers because they need extra calories and fat. Many companies don't need to make their products with reduced fat and calories due to the fact that there are already companies that are devoted to making healthy foods. Again obesity is a growing problem, but no one issue should overshadow the quality of a product. Word of advice to companies involved in this topic, before you turn the whole basis of your company into a "fat free" and "no calorie" association, think of all your valued costomers and what they expect from your product.

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