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May 18, 2010
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How do gangs affect kids, families and friends in the past as well as the future? Most students don’t stop to think about this question but this question affects me in various ways. Let me show you what really happens.

Two years ago I had a best friend named Dj. Dj was a wonderful boy. He showed me the bright side of things. Normally he brought me flowers and chocolates to make me smile. No we weren’t going out but he was somewhat like a brother to me. We told each other everything even our dirtiest little secrets. He told me he was in a gang and that he was a real dangerous person. He also told me that there was someone out trying to kill all the people that were involved with him. But he also said that he would protect me from anything.

One day Dj and I went to the movies. We ate popcorn together, we laughed together we played the games together, we even cried to the movie together. We left the movie theater together at around 11:06pm. We were 2 blocks from our house. We lived right next to each other.

I whipped my head around for a quick instant to see that there was a car with no headlights creeping around the corner. I figured it was one of the cars from a nearby house until that car slowly moved by me and Dj. My heart stopped. The car stopped. Dj stopped. The window of the car rolled down as I heard the screech against the glass. Dj pushed me on the ground and the last words I heard from him was I love you. Two gun shots was the last thing I heard.

After this incident I was weak, confused, hurt and I had so many feelings running through me. This affected me because I felt like there was no one there to protect me anymore. I felt like I was alone and had nobody to go to.

Until this day I feel the same way. I am pretty sure and positive this is how many parents and loved ones feel after something like this happens to them. Many “gangsters” are not aware that they are putting their families and friends through pain. Their cruel acts are leaving a scar on the people who deeply care for them.

This kind of gang violence happens everyday. Statistics say there have been approximately 250,000 gang deaths in 2009. This is way too many deaths for families and friends to go through and I believe no person should have to suffer and hear their son, daughter, nephew etc. was killed by two gun shots or beat to death.

So for those “gangsters” or “copy cats” who think that gang banging is okay and that no one is there for them, you are WRONG! Your family is there for you. Your friends are there for you. They truly love you and care for you. Think about your future. Think about the great things that you could and be accomplishing. There are so many opportunities. Also be aware of the risks that you’re taking and the possible outcomes of how it’s going to turn out. Think about the consequences if you make the wrong decision(s).

Gangs are not a part of life. They are the underside of society and turn this world upside down. I wouldn’t take the time to even provide for the harsh acts they put among people. (Mainly students) So I persuade all young students to make your family proud and have a goal for yourself because you don’t want to end up somewhere you don’t want to be. Oh and by the way, you are someone.

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