Animal testing is bad

May 19, 2010
By Elena Bustillos BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Elena Bustillos BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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The use of animals for testing products from common household compounds to new medicine has been considered the best way to see if the product is safe for human uses for many years. I disagree that using animals isn’t the best way to test out new producttfrs. It has been estimated that 2.1 million animals have been tested on and killed by it. About 1.5 million animals are used to test new medicine. Many people disagree that animal testing isn’t the best way to make sure products are safe. An animal’s response to a drug can be different to humans, making the testing process unsafe.
The use of animals for testing is unreliable. Animals have different responses to products and medicines that differ from humans, so the tests they do on animals aren’t as accurate as if they used a computer simulation. The stress animals get from being locked up in labs also have an effect on the results of tests. Any slight change the results can be hazardous to a human’s health. Animal’s anatomy is different from an humans so when a medicine works, it might not work for the human anatomy. Testing medicine and cosmetics on an animal harms the animal.

When a lab tests new medicine or cosmetics on animals its harms the animals and can kill them. When medicine isn’t made right or fatal to an animal it kills the animal and scientist can’t figure out if the product is safe or not for people. When scientist test cosmetics on an animal it leaves the animals in pain and can scar the animal. Sometimes the scars can last forever. Scientist doesn’t know if an animal in pain or not, animals can feel the pain of the medicine a human wouldn’t be able to feel. Some medicines are toxic to animals but are harmless to humans. So animals aren’t the best alternative for testing new medicine or cosmetics. Testing on animals can be harmful to both animal and human.

When a medicine kills an animal, the animal dies in vain. The medicine didn’t help cure anyone and it wasn’t proved safe for human consumption. When they test a cosmetic on an animal and it doesn’t sell because it gets out of style or people want a better product. The animal that they test the cosmetic suffered for absolutely nothing. Nothing was gained from the animal’s death. People can’t use animals just to kill them in science. Animals have more of purpose than that!

All animals have a right to live; humans can’t take away that right. Is it fair that humans are the only one with the right to live? Is it right for humans to decide that animals have less rights and life than people? No, it’s not. Animals are beings too with feelings, thoughts, and families. They might be different than humans but that doesn’t mean we can kill them whenever we need a new cure or a new cosmetic. All animals should have the right to live their lives testing free. Don’t you agree?

The author's comments:
I really love animals, and I hate when I think about or hear that animals are being hurt across the world.

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