Gay Marriages

May 7, 2010
By LizLockett13 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
LizLockett13 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Why does the Society make such a big deal about gay marriages? Do they not care if a person is happy or not? 60 years ago there was a same argument about interracial marriages; people did not believe that it was right for African Americans to get married. In 1967 the U.S Supreme Court gave the okay for other races to get married. Will that happen with gay marriages? In ten years will the Supreme Court give the okay for gay people to get married in every state?

For many years same-sex marriage (SSM) has been the main topic at any event, you’re either with it or against it. Some of the main topics with SSM is why people would like or fall in love with the same sex as them. Some of the people who are against it may think that it should be against the law for a person to be married or even in a relationship with the same sex. As most people I hear they say “its Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve” but does that really matter?

States are as bad as people when it comes to same sex marriages. Out of fifty states there are only thirteen states that made same sex marriages legal. Washington D.C was the last state to make same sex marriages legal. But what I want to know is why do those states that have no responded to same sex marriages not want it in their state?

When most people think of gay marriages or even gay people at that, they think nasty thought about them. What I want to know is why do they think those things? I believe that the only reason most teenagers are against same sex marriages is because of their parents. Teenagers don’t really know what the big idea of gay marriage is. When the majority of teenagers think of gay marriages they think that it is wrong, shameful, and maybe disgusting. But teenager’s main resource is their parents, or television, everybody but themselves.

I think that people need to re-think why they disagree with gay marriages. Why do we care so much about somebody’s lifestyle? Personally I think it is none of our business if a person is gay or a lesbian. It should only matter if they are happy in their own skin.

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